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The University of the West Indies

at Mona, Jamaica

Student Exchange
&Study Abroad Programme

Application Procedure

  • Print application forms and the list of universities with which the UWI has Exchange Agreements.
  • Browse the websites of these partner institutions to inform yourself of programmes relating to your specific areas of study.
  • Download from the selected partner institution information on the desired courses related to your current programme of studies.
  • Get approval from respective Head(s) of Department and Dean of Faculty/ Dean’s nominee, concerning the proposed course of study overseas.
  • Submit completed application forms and essay to the Admissions Section.
  • Confirm approval of participation in the exchange programme with the Outreach Office.
  • Complete UWI registration with the assistance of the Student Records Unit before proceeding on exchange (i.e. you must register at the UWI).
  • Tuition fees for Mona must be paid before departure.
  • Please be reminded that Miscellaneous Fees and other incidentals must be paid at the host institution.

List of Universities                                               Application form

Opportunities for Exchange

Students are allowed and even encouraged to spend a semester or a year (not the final year) at another campus of the University provided that the major being pursued is available at that Campus.

Opportunities for exchange are also available at other Universities in the United States of America, Canada , the United Kingdom and the non-Commonwealth Caribbean.

Immigration Requirements

Citizens of non Commonwealth Countries must obtain a valid Student Visa prior to entry into any UWI Campus country (Jamaica, Barbados or Trinidad & Tobago). Such persons should make their requests at the nearest Diplomatic Mission or Consular Office representing the relevant