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The University of the West Indies

at Mona, Jamaica

Applying to U.W.I.

Two Options are available:

Option A: Apply online.

To apply online, you will first need to know the Campus, Faculty and Programme to which you wish to apply. This information is available in the Instruction Booklet (see below) or you may click here to download that specific section of the Booklet.

Click Here to Apply Online

Option B: Download the Application Form

  1. Download the information sheet and the application form from the links below. The Information Sheet provides the necessary guidance on how to complete the application form.
  2. After downloading, simply complete the form
  3. Mail to the Senior Assistant Registrar of the campus to which you wish to apply. You may download the list of registrars or you may obtain the information below.

The forms are available in various formats from which you may choose depending on your available software.

Compressed Zip

You will need the free Win Zip application to read this format. You may download it here.