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Student Accommodations

All full-time students of the University are assigned to Halls of Residence. When applying for admissions, students must indicate their preference for a particular Hall. Assignment to a Hall does not mean that a student is offered residence. Only full-time students of the university are eligible to apply for accommodations on campus and only a small percentage of those applying can be housed.

Halls of Residence

There are five Halls of Residence on the Mona Campus: two single sex, Mary Seacole and Chancellor Hall, housing females and males respectively and four co-ed halls namely A.Z Preston, Irvine, Taylor and Rex Nettleford Hall. Approximately 1440 student are accommodated each year. Each hall of residence is administered by a Student Services Manager who is assisted by Resident Advisors, a Hall Operations Supervisor and Service Staff.

The resident hall community is a vital part of students' learning experience and promotes and supports the mission of the University. The Halls provide students with a wide range of activities and programmes designed to provide a rounded university education. Healthy competitions in sports, drama, debate and other related activities bring out the natural endowment of our students.

Students' Hall government provides the opportunity for practical leadership development and creates the opportunity for a structured communal life. Hall Committee members are elected by member of the respective Hall and any student attached to a given Hall is eligible to run for any office on that hall committee.

Student Service Managers for the Halls are as follows:

A. Z. Preston Hall
Mr. Horton Dolphin
Ext. 2411
Direct Line: 977-6721-3, 977-6808

Chancellor Hall
Ext. 2387, 2384
Direct Line: 927-2788-9

Irvine Hall
Mr. Carlton Lowrie
Ext. 2343, 2347, 2443;
Direct Line: 927-2793-4

Mary Seacole Hall
Mrs. Jennifer Martin
Ext. 2452, 2483-4
Direct Line 927-2546

Taylor Hall
Mr. Peter O'Sullivan
Ext. 2386, 2375-6
Direct Line: 927-2782-3

Rex Nettleford Hall
Ms. Donna-Mae Jackson
Ext. 2130-6
Direct Line: 935-8130-6