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Principal's Message

The Answer Lies in Public / Private Partnerships

    As The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona makes its way through yet another academic year it always brings me great joy to think about all our new and returning students.

The student body is the critical life force of The UWI. Throughout the decades, the Mona Campus has implemented several redevelopment initiatives to ensure that student welfare – from academic to financial – remain at the core of our operational activities. It is this dedication to improving our student welfare which has led to the implementation of our campus-wide 2012-2017 Operational Plan which was designed to generate diversified learning opportunities, whilst developing the academic infrastructure to support the growth of a 21st century higher education learning environment for our national and regional scholars.

In light of this, faculties across The UWI have engaged in a ‘re-engineering’ of their programme offerings in order to provide a wider and more diverse selection of learning opportunities that will attract a greater cross section of students, both nationally and internationally. Coupled with this is the important responsibility of creating a state of- the-art learning facility that will facilitate and enhance the learning process for our students. As a university that prides itself on leading the way in higher education, we believe that providing critical learning tools and equipment is important if we expect to produce a first-class graduate capable of meeting both national and international job market demands.

In recognition of this mandate, The UWI has therefore found it necessary to overhaul our financial operations to fund our strategic goals. Over the years we have engaged in extensive public/ private partnerships with a wide cross section of organisations and institutions in Jamaica and globally in order to fund new programme offerings as well as to bring in new equipment for our students to support their learning. We rely heavily on public/private partnerships to fund much of our new work as it has proven to be one of the most reliable and sufficient funding sources for the institution.

From scholarships and bursaries to the introduction of new learning tools and equipment, collectively worth millions, The UWI has been able to push forward our development initiatives successfully with the support of these partnerships. Our students have benefitted significantly through this funding source as many are given the opportunity to pursue their academic aspirations as a result of scholarships and bursaries provided by our partners in education from both the public and private sectors.

As another crucial funding source, The UWI, Mona Campus, has placed significant onus on creating a research and development infrastructure that is focused on bringing in monies to either support new research or to patent scientific discoveries made as a result of the exemplary research being carried out by the University. Our research in the medicinal benefits of plants, particularly cannabis, as well as climate change, has the potential to generate millions in investment and grant funding from local and international scientific institutions and NGOs. This allows us as an institution to set the stage on not only advances in science and research but also in becoming financially self-sufficient and creating a new income source for research that does not impede our work in academia. The commercialisation of our research has enabled us to accomplish a great deal more in our ability to engage in more worthwhile research and development options for the benefit of our region, whilst also attracting more students and accomplished researchers to our institution.

As a result of focussing more on accepting full fee paying students in order to rely less on government funding, while also introducing more cost cutting and efficient operational systems in order to decrease our expenditure and increase income and revenue, The UWI, Mona Campus has been able to develop a more self-reliant financial environment that will prove beneficial to our continued growth. These initiatives represent a proportion of our significant cost cutting and income-generating package that the UWI hopes will aid in steering us towards financial stability. Moreover, they are designed and implemented to ensure that we remain able and capable of providing the highest quality of teaching possible to our deserving
students for years to come.

The UWI, Mona Campus aims to become the hub of higher education and research excellence in the Caribbean, and as such, we will continue to work towards securing more funds and becoming financially stable for the fulfilment of this objective.

Professor Archibald McDonald
Pro-Vice Chancellor & Principal
UWI, Mona Campus

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