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UWI Appoints 3 New Professors

Three new professors have been appointed at The UWI, Mona Campus. They are Dr. Asha Badaloo, of the Tropical Medicine Research Institute (TMRI), Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mona Campus; Dr. Jean- Pierre Louboutin of the Faculty of Science and Technology and Dr. James Robertson, of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, Mona Campus, who were all promoted to professors, following the assessment of their individual academic accomplishments and contributions to their respective fields.

DR. ASHA BADALOO has a record of research as well as substantial contribution to the University community through graduate training, scholarly and professional service.

She has held a Wellcome Trust Fellowship in the UK and was a Fulbright Scholar at Baylor College of Medicine, USA. Dr. Badaloo's main area of research is in the use of stable isotopes to investigate human metabolism and she is a recognised expert in these research techniques.

A substantial part of her research has focused on understanding the impact of severe childhood malnutrition on metabolism of protein and lipids, which has earned international recognition for its contribution to advances in the management of severely malnourished children.

Dr. Badaloo has 40 peer-reviewed publications, many in high impact international journals, and three book chapters. She has raised research funds to support her work from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and has had several successful international collaborations.

Dr. Badaloo contributes to teaching of nutrition on the MBBS and the Masters in Nutrition. She has supervised a number of graduate students and co-ordinates the PhD Nutrition programme. She currently chairs the TMRI training committee and represents the TMRI on the FMS Graduate Studies Committee. Dr. Badaloo has served on national and regional nutrition committees. She has acted as reviewer for prestigious international journals and has presented her research at several regional and international conferences.

DR. JEAN-PIERRE LOUBOUTIN joined the staff of the Department of Basic Medical Sciences in 2012 as Senior Lecturer. He is a well-respected academic who since 2012, has published some 10 book chapters and 16 peer-reviewed articles. Overall, he has published over 90 peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Nature Methods, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Annals of Neurology, PNAS, Stem Cells, American Journal of Pathology, among others, and 17 book chapters.

Dr. Louboutin has international stature as an academic researcher, mainly in the area of neurodegenerative diseases with the objective of understanding their development as a means of combating the disease. The most noteworthy feature of his work has been the application of gene therapy and stem cell technology to diseases of the central nervous system.

Dr. Louboutin has contributed significantly to the teaching of Anatomy in the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), the Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy, and the Bachelor Biomedical Sciences programmes of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Mona.

He is currently assisting in the development of a laboratory dedicated to Histochemistry in the Department of Basic Medical Sciences. He has also received significant funding for the research through the National Institutes of Health; French Muscular Dystrophy Association (AFM), the French Spatial Agency CNES, Research Regional Committee of the Hospital of Nantes, and the Principal’s Initiative Grant.

The newly appointed professor has also contributed significantly to the life of the University, through his participation in various societies and committees. He has served as a member of the Editorial Boards for thirty one international journals including CNS & Neurological Disorders; Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology; World Journal of Stem Cells; Modern Research in Inflammation, among others.

He has also served as reviewer for over sixty-five international journals including Stem Cells, American Journal of Pathology, Neurobiology of Disease, Gene Therapy, among others.

DR. JAMES ROBERTSON has been a member of the Department of History and Archaeology since August 1995, when he was recruited as a Lecturer. His research has clustered around aspects of urban history, cultural history and the stories that communities tell themselves to comprehend their current status.

Dr. Robertson is well-published, and has received numerous grants and fellowships including the Andrew W. Mellon, Gilder- Lerner and John Carter Brown Library.

Fellowships as well as those offered by the National Maritime Museum, the Henry E. Huntington Library, The British Library and Oxford Brookes University. His book, Gone is the Ancient Glory! Spanish Town, Jamaica, 1534-2000, is the first English-language urban history to cover the development of a Caribbean town from its foundation to the present.

He has published one book, 17 single-authored refereed articles, nine chapters in refereed volumes, contributed to co-authored articles and co-edited

a special issue of Caribbean Quarterly.

Dr. Robertson has also published a further 14 articles in various academic but non-refereed journals, along with at least nine chapters in non-refereed academic volumes, and 27 reviews. He is currently working on three books and has been a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Early American History since its foundation in 2009.

He has developed six new courses, and recast and taught a further four courses, two at the postgraduate level. He has also supervised one PhD and is serving as a committee member for two more. He has also supervised 15 Masters degrees in areas such as Heritage Studies, History and Geography, and is currently supervising four Heritage Studies MAs and one History MPhil.

Dr. Robertson has been the Department's liaison with the University Library since 1996.

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